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2kg Pure Natural Wild Ephedra Tea Herbal Tea Chinese ephedra Sinica tea/Ma-huang/ma huang, the treatment of bronchial asthma

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Product name: Ephedra Sinica/Chinese ephedra/Ma-huang
Property, flavor and channel tropism: spicy, slightly bitter, warm in nature, to lung and bladder meridian.
Origin: China
Shelf life: 36 months
Storage: put in the dry, shady, ventilated, clean place

Main functions are as follows:
1. Inducing perspiration.
2. Preventing asthma.

3.Preventing cough.

4.Reducing fat.

5. Beautify skin.


The raw ephedra has strong effect on inducing sweating and dispelling exogenous evils, inducing diuresis to alleviate edema, and it mainly use to cure cold empirical syndrome, choking sensation in the chest, asthmatic cough, wind water puffy swelling, rheumatism pain, dorsal furuncle, subcutaneous nodule. Honey ephedra is warm in nature, slightly embellish, action ease on Xinsan sweating, strengthen the effect on moistening lung and stopping cough, it has very good effect on freeing lung and relieving asthma. It is mostly for the Biaozheng which has been cured, and the asthma, cough. Ephedra velvet works mild, it is suit for old people, young child and the weak people who are easy to catch wind cold

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